Co-creation Lazola Liebling X Akamae

I’m on my way to co-create a new collection with ethical fashion brand Akamae ! I’m already over 2 weeks of travelling; was sick for a week, I’ve been to Myanmar and only just now I’m finally in my flow 🙏 and feeling ready to share what I’m doing 🙌. So there it goes.

Creating with my hands and making contact with others is why I started as a goldsmith 3,5 years ago. The next step for me now is making jewelry together with refugees from Myanmar so that they can start building a new life.

I am going to do this with the help of refugee activist Cara Boccieri, founder of Akamae. Her home base is in the jungle of northern Thailand.

In a couple of days I will go there! Super excited. I will keep you posted ♡

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