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Lazola Liebling it is

It was a sunny day when the name Lazola came to me. I was biking along a market, which had a stand that was called something with ‘La…’. Then I came to a place in Amsterdam, which I never go to and there were birds, trees,… a lot more of nature than at my own place. And then I was humming the name. I checked some dear friends of mine after my biking trip and they also loved it. Later that week it turned out that Lazola is a South-African name for a boy, but also for girls. (But maybe we don’t have to define the name by gender, because my jewelry is for everyone 🙂 ) And it means: calmness after stormy weather on sea… When I heard this, I was touched by it because it was just like my life at that time. So, Lazola it was. Later I added ‘Liebling’ to it because my roots are mostly German (and also French and Polish). Beside that, I think it sounds nice, and ‘liebe’ (love) is something precious, as jewelry can be too.